Tip #8

Highlight text on a web page, right-click on the selection and select “Search…” to get results in an instant.

Instead of copying and pasting or, heaven forbid, manually typing a search term from a web page to the Address or Search Field,

  1. Highlight the text you want to search with.
  2. Right-click on the highlighted text.
  3. Select Search [your default search engine] for [highlighted text].
    To search with a different search engine, hover over Search With and choose a search engine.

Tip #7

Click on the blue circle on your Forum profile to find all your content and followed posts.

When you go to your Vivaldi Forum profile on https://forum.vivaldi.net/me (or click on your profile image in the top right corner of the Forum and then on your username), you’ll find a 🔵 blue circle on the right side of the profile page.

Clicking on the button will open a menu with a lot of useful options. For example, you can see a list of all the discussions you’ve started (Topics) and comments you’ve made (Posts). Useful, when you’re looking for that one post you made ages ago.

In addition, you can manage the categories that you watch. Posts in the watched categories appear in the Unread and Recent sections of the Forum.

Open profile page menu.

Tip #6

Long press on the Vivaldi app icon on Android to quickly open a new tab or a new private tab.

Did you know that you can open access menus on Android by long pressing on the app’s icon? Many of you probably did, but if you didn’t… You’re welcome! 😄

In Vivaldi’s access menu, in addition to general app controls, you can access a few useful Vivaldi specific options.

  • Open a new tab, which opens Vivaldi’s Start Page with your favorite bookmarks on the Speed Dial.
  • Open a new private tab, for a more private browsing. 🤫
  • If there’s a QR code somewhere nearby and you want to see what’s behind it, you can also launch Vivaldi’s QR scanner straight from that menu.
Vivaldi app on the Home screen with access menu open.

It’s not just Vivaldi that has additional options available in the access menu. Check your other apps to see which useful features they have to offer and up your game not just while using Vivaldi, but also while using your mobile device in general.

Tip #4

Hold down the Ctrl / ⌘ key to change the location of buttons in the browser’s user interface.

Don’t like the default order of Panels? Or you’d prefer to have some buttons currently residing on the Status Bar on the Address Bar instead. No problem, Vivaldi has got you covered. 😎

Just press down on the Ctrl / ⌘ key on your keyboard and with your mouse drag and drop the button where you’d like to see it instead. A line showing the new location will appear when the button can be dropped.

Vivaldi window, showing the moving of the Mail button from the Status Bar to the Address Bar.

There currently are some limitations to where buttons can be moved. For example, you can’t move buttons from/to the right side of the Address Field. But we’re not done with the feature just yet, so you can expect to have even more flexibility in the future. 😉

Learn more about editing toolbars in Vivaldi.

Tip #3

On Vivaldi Themes, click on “Download theme” to preview the theme before installing it.

When browsing themes.vivaldi.net for new Themes for your desktop Vivaldi browser, you can get a live preview of the theme by clicking “Download theme”.

Then you have 1 minute to see how the theme looks. Make sure to check the Start Page to see how the awesome background image looks behind your Speed Dials. Other places where the user interface colours are clearly visible are Panels, Settings, Mail, etc.

When you’re satisfied with the theme, click “Install” in the pop-up to add the theme to your Theme Library. If it’s not really what you were looking for, click “Cancel” or let the preview time run out.

Tip #2

Press F1 for Help.

Vivaldi Help on https://help.vivaldi.com/ is an ever growing catalogue of articles that introduce Vivaldi features and services to you in more detail, instructs you to make the most of them and in the unfortunate event when something doesn’t work as expected, helps you troubleshoot issues.

There are a few ways to open Vivaldi Help.

  • Press the F1 key on your keyboard (on Windows and Linux).
  • Open the Vivaldi menu > Help > Vivaldi Help.
  • Type “help.vivaldi.com” in the Address Field.
  • Open Vivaldi Help’s Web Panel.

Check out Tip #297 to see how to best get to Vivaldi Help on Android.

Tip #1

Add tips.vivaldi.net to Feeds to receive daily tips about Vivaldi.

Add Vivaldi Tips to Feeds in the Vivaldi browser

First, make sure you have Mail, Calendar and Feeds enabled in Settings > General > Productivity Features.

Option 1

  1. Click on the Feeds button on the right side of the Address Bar.
  2. Select “Vivaldi Tips » Feed – RSS”.
  3. Click “Subscribe”.

Option 2

  1. Click on the Feed (RSS) button below the page title ☝.
  2. On the feed’s preview page, click “Subscribe”.

Add Vivaldi Tips to any Feeds app

  1. Add the link https://tips.vivaldi.net/feed/ to a Feeds app of your choice.

Learn more about Feeds in Vivaldi.