Tip #500

Zoom in and out on web pages using the number keys on your keyboard.

Single Key Shortcuts are a great way to get things done quickly and efficiently, without needing both hands or complicated finger gymnastics on the keyboard to reach multiple keys simultaneously. For example, you can use Single Key Shortcuts to zoom in and out on web pages.

To enable Single Key Shortcuts, go to Settings > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts.

To zoom in and out, press the following numbers either above the letters on the keyboard or on the number pad:

  • 0 – zoom in by 10%
  • 9 – zoom out by 10%
  • 8 – double the zoom level
  • 7 – halve the zoom level
  • 6 – reset the zoom level

Tip #393

Scale Vivaldi’s user interface on Android to the size you’re comfortable with.

Usually, mobile browsers are optimized for smartphones but not for tablets. Vivaldi’s user interface is designed to work just as well on tablets, Chromebooks, and screens in cars by allowing you to change the zoom level of the browser interface.

To increase or decrease the size of Vivaldi on Android’s user interface:

  1. Go to Vivaldi menu > Settings > Web Pages > Accessibility > User Interface Zoom.
  2. Move the slider to make the user interface smaller or larger.

Tip #322

Adjust page zoom per website with an easy slider in Vivaldi on Android.

In Tip #119, we shared how to change the Zoom level of text in Vivaldi on Android. Today we have an even cooler option to show you.

Did you know that you can add an option to the Vivaldi menu that allows you to change the zoom level only on the open site? And it will stay the same for that website even if you navigate to other sites and then back again, or open the link in a different tab. If the developers of the website have done a good job, the text should also reflow nicely.

To enable and use zoom per site:

  1. Go to Settings > Web Pages > Accessibility.
  2. Enable “Show zoom option in main menu”.
  3. Exit Settings.
  4. To use zoom, open the browser’s main menu.
  5. Select “Default zoom”.
  6. Tap on + and – on the side or drag the slider to change the zoom level.
News article from Ars Technica open in Vivaldi on Android. The zoom slider is visible near the bottom of the screen and the zoom level has been changed to 150%.

Tip #175

Enable Zoom Controls to change the page zoom level in Web Panels.

Web Panels are customizable Tabs which allow you to keep your favorite sites easily accessible in the side Panel of Vivaldi. And just like with web pages open in a tab, you can adjust the zoom levels for web pages added to Web Panels as well.

To increase or decrease the size of the content in Web Panels:

  1. Right-click on a Web Panel.
  2. Select Toolbar > Display Zoom Controls from the context menu.
  3. Then click on the zoom buttons  and  at the top of the Web Panel to zoom in and out.

Zoom level is retained through closing and reopening of the Web Panel and browser restarts.

A Web Panel open in Vivaldi with zoom controls highlighted.

Tip #133

Adjust User Interface and Tab zoom for more comfortable browsing.

There’s no need to strain your eyes with Vivaldi. If the buttons on the toolbars are too small and text uncomfortable to read, increase the zoom levels to see them better. If you’d like to make the user interface and webpages smaller, you can do that too.

To adjust user interface zoom:

  1. Go to Settings > Appearance > Window Appearance > User Interface Zoom.
  2. Use the slider or + and – buttons to change the zoom level.

To also change the size of the content on web pages.

  1. Go to Settings > Webpages > Default Webpage Zoom.
  2. Use the slider or + and – buttons to change the zoom level.

Take a look at the Help page about Zoom options in Vivaldi to learn about other zooming methods.

Vivaldi window with user interface and tab zoom at 100%.
Vivaldi window with user interface and tab zoom at 200%.

Tip #119

Adjust text zoom level to make reading on Vivaldi for Android more comfortable.

Whether the text on the phone screen is too small for you to read or the opposite, your eyesight is great and you want to fit more text on the screen, Vivaldi for Android has a text scaling setting for you to make use of.

To change zoom level for texts on Vivaldi for Android:

  1. Go to Vivaldi menu > Settings > Web Pages > Accessibility.
  2. Move the text scaling slider between 50% to 200% until the example text in the box below is comfortable to read.

You can also enable Force enable zoom for instances, where the web page tries to prevent text scaling.

Two phones with the same article open in Vivaldi browser. Left one with 100% text scaling, the right one with 140% text scaling.

Tip #44

Disable “Use Tab Zoom”, if you want to set a different zoom level for specific websites.

By default, when you change the zoom level, it applies to the tab you have open, so all websites you visit in that tab will have the same zoom level, but if you open the website in a different tab it will have the default or that tab’s zoom level. If you prefer to set the zoom level for websites instead of tabs:

  1. Go to Settings > Webpages and make sure Use Tab Zoom has been disabled.
  2. Go to the website, where you want to change the zoom level.
  3. Use one of the zooming options to change the size of the site.

Then, no matter when you visit the website, it’ll have the zoom level you set for it in the past.