Tip #487

Import your feeds from other clients to Vivaldi Feed Reader.

Copying feeds you follow in other feed reader clients to Vivaldi is easy when the feeds can be exported as an OPML file. You can also move your subscribed feeds from one Vivaldi instance to another that way.

To import feeds:

  1. Export your feeds as an OPML file from your current client.
  2. In Vivaldi, go to the Vivaldi menu > File > Import from Applications or Files.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select “Feeds (OPML file)”.
  4. Click “Choose file” and locate your exported feeds file.
  5. Review the feeds’ titles and update frequency.
  6. Click “Add Feeds”.
Feeds import dialog open in Vivaldi Browser.

Tip #371

Keep up with our news directly in the browser, by making use of the built-in Feed Reader.

Do you want to stay up to date with our latest news, fun and informative stories, and freshest Snapshots? Our blog is where you’ll find it all. To be notified of a new post, add Vivaldi Blog to the Feed Reader right in your browser.

To subscribe to Vivaldi Blog:.

  1. Go to https://vivaldi.com/blog/.
    You can also subscribe to specific blog categories, e.g. Snapshots. In that case, navigate to the category page you want to subscribe to.
  2. Click on the “Page Offers Feeds” button on the right side of the Address Field.
  3. Hover over “Vivaldi Browser » Feed – RSS” or “Vivaldi » your chosen catgeory » Feed – RSS”.
  4. Select either Subscribe or, if you want to see which posts are included in the feed, Preview.
  5. If you chose to preview the feed first, click on Subscribe on top of the preview page.

Tip #324

Use Vivaldi Feeds to keep up with the latest news.

Instead of checking the news on each site separately or relying on the news site’s social media channel, you can subscribe to the site’s RSS feed and see the latest titles from multiple sources in one place, Vivaldi Feeds.

To add your favorite news site to Vivaldi Feeds:

  1. Make sure Mail, Calendar and Feeds are enabled in Settings > Feeds.
  2. Open the news website.
  3. Click on the Feeds icon on the right side of the Address Field*.
  4. Select the feed you want to subscribe to and click on Subscribe to subscribe to it immediately or on Preview to view the latest posts in the feed and then subscribe.

You’ll immediately receive the latest articles in Vivaldi Feeds and new ones will be fetched as the articles are published.

* If you don’t see the Feeds icon on the homepage, check the site’s sub-pages as they may have split their feeds into multiple categories. Alternatively, search for their RSS feed link on their website.

News site that offers feeds open in Vivaldi browser being added to Vivaldi Feeds.

Tip #223

Use Vivaldi Feeds to listen and keep track of your favorite podcasts.

Not only can you curate your own news feed and follow your favorite YouTube channels with Vivaldi Feeds, you can also turn it into a podcast player.

To listen to podcasts in Vivaldi:

  1. Subscribe to the podcast with Vivaldi Feeds by going to the podcast’s website and clicking on the Page offers Feeds button on the right side of the Address Field.
  2. Using the Feeds Panel, find an episode you want to listen to.
  3. Double-click on the episode title in the list of feed items to open it in a new tab. That way you can keep browsing other feed posts and use Vivaldi Mail while listening to the podcast.
  4. Press Play on the audio player in the Linked Audio section of the feed message.

This tip has been inspired by our community member and volunteer luetage‘s post on the Vivaldi Forum.

Tip #182

Follow accounts on Vivaldi Social and other Mastodon instances with Vivaldi Feeds.

If you don’t feel like going to Mastodon regularly to see what people you like post, you can have their posts come to you in the Vivaldi Browser by subscribing to their content with Vivaldi Feeds.

To add a Mastodon account to Vivaldi Feeds:

  1. Open the profile of the account you want to follow. Make sure the profile is open on its own instance. It’s not possible to subscribe to a feed when viewing it through a different instance.
  2. In the Address Field, type .rss at the end of the URL.
  3. On the feed preview page, click Subscribe.
  4. If you wish, update the feed title and refresh interval.
  5. Click Add Feed.

Tip #40

Subscribe to YouTube channels and playlists with Vivaldi Feeds.

With Vivaldi, there’s no need to check YouTube or even a need for a Google account to keep up with the latest videos from your favorite content creators. Just add the YouTube channels and playlists to Vivaldi Feeds to be notified about new content and to watch the videos directly in the browser. Without any ads or tracking! 🥳

To subscribe to a channel or a playlist:

  1. Go to the channel’s or playlist’s page.
  2. Look for the Page offers feeds button on the right side of the Address Bar.
  3. Click on the button, hover over the feed title and click on Subscribe.

These instructions don’t just apply to YouTube channels. You can add any website that offers feeds to Vivaldi this way.

Learn more about Feeds on our Help page and from this video.

Tip #37

Enable Mail, Calendar and Feeds from Settings > General > Productivity Features.

Vivaldi Mail, Calendar and Feeds have shed the Beta tag from their name and are now proudly version 1.0. 🥳

To start using Mail, Calendar and Feeds:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Productivity Features.
  2. Tick the box for Enable Mail, Calendar and Feeds.

If you’ve freshly installed Vivaldi or created a new User Profile, select Fully Loaded in the welcome flow.

Then you can start adding your email accounts to Mail, your calendars and events in Calendar, and keep track of the latest content from your favorite creators with Feeds.

For more info about these features check the following links:

Tip #1

Add tips.vivaldi.net to Feeds to receive daily tips about Vivaldi.

Add Vivaldi Tips to Feeds in the Vivaldi browser

First, make sure you have Mail, Calendar and Feeds enabled in Settings > General > Productivity Features.

Option 1

  1. Click on the Feeds button on the right side of the Address Bar.
  2. Select “Vivaldi Tips » Feed – RSS”.
  3. Click “Subscribe”.

Option 2

  1. Click on the Feed (RSS) button below the page title ☝.
  2. On the feed’s preview page, click “Subscribe”.

Add Vivaldi Tips to any Feeds app

  1. Add the link https://tips.vivaldi.net/feed/ to a Feeds app of your choice.

Learn more about Feeds in Vivaldi.