Tip #1

Add tips.vivaldi.net to Feeds to receive daily tips about Vivaldi.

Add Vivaldi Tips to Feeds in the Vivaldi browser

First, make sure you have Mail, Calendar and Feeds enabled in Settings > General > Productivity Features.

Option 1

  1. Click on the Feeds button on the right side of the Address Bar.
  2. Select “Vivaldi Tips ยป Feed – RSS”.
  3. Click “Subscribe”.

Option 2

  1. Click on the Feed (RSS) button below the page title โ˜.
  2. On the feed’s preview page, click “Subscribe”.

Add Vivaldi Tips to any Feeds app

  1. Add the link https://tips.vivaldi.net/feed/ to a Feeds app of your choice.

Learn more about Feeds in Vivaldi.

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  1. Essential information concisely organized — however did you folks think of it?! ๐Ÿค”
    (Among other helpful hinting, you’ve made Android browsing productive –and fun! – again:)