Tip #330

Read Vivaldi’s Help pages in your language.

On help.vivaldi.com we have a large selection of articles teaching you about the countless features of the Vivaldi browser and services. With the help of our amazing volunteer translators, in addition to English, we’re able to offer Help pages in a few different languages.

When viewing an article, look below the title and table of contents to see in which languages the article is available in. Click on the language to switch to the translated version.

Where we have translated more than half of the articles, you can also select the language from the menu in the top right corner of the page and view the whole site in it.

In case we haven’t translated Vivaldi Help into a language you’d like to read the articles in, you can use the browser’s built-in translation tool or a translation Extension of your choice.

Vivaldi Help site with language menus for the article and site highlighted.

Tip #297

Turn to Vivaldi Help on Android to learn about the browser.

You might be wondering what a feature in Vivaldi on Android is about, trying to figure out how to configure the app to your liking, or in the unfortunate event, trying to troubleshoot an issue. Vivaldi Help with its growing selection of articles is here to help.

To quickly open Vivaldi Help on Android, use one of the following methods:

  • Open the main Vivaldi menu, scroll to the end, and select Help & Feedback.
  • In Settings, tap on the❓ question marks in the top right corner of the settings pages.
  • Type “help.vivaldi.com/android” in the Address Field.

Check out Tip #2 to see how to best get to Vivaldi Help on desktop.

Vivaldi Help site open on a phone.

Tip #222

Watch videos and learn about Vivaldi on our YouTube channel.

Vivaldi news and tutorials, chats with partners, live streams with the team, trendy Shorts. All this and more can be found on Vivaldi’s YouTube channel.

Visit https://www.youtube.com/@VivaldiBrowser for hours of entertainment.

Vivaldi's YouTube channel open in Vivaldi.

Tip #2

Press F1 for Help.

Vivaldi Help on https://help.vivaldi.com/ is an ever growing catalogue of articles that introduce Vivaldi features and services to you in more detail, instructs you to make the most of them and in the unfortunate event when something doesn’t work as expected, helps you troubleshoot issues.

There are a few ways to open Vivaldi Help.

  • Press the F1 key on your keyboard (on Windows and Linux).
  • Open the Vivaldi menu > Help > Vivaldi Help.
  • Type “help.vivaldi.com” in the Address Field.
  • Open Vivaldi Help’s Web Panel.

Check out Tip #297 to see how to best get to Vivaldi Help on Android.