Tip #475

Add web pages to your Speed Dial for easy access in Vivaldi on Android.

It’s common to add regularly visited sites to one’s Bookmarks, but scouring through the folders in the Bookmarks Panel is tedious. To open your favorite sites with the minimum effort, add them to the Speed Dial. Then, whenever you open a new tab in Vivaldi on Android, they’ll be just one tap away.

To add a website as a Speed Dial bookmark on the Start Page:

  1. Open the web page in a tab.
  2. Open the Vivaldi menu and select “Add Bookmark”.
  3. Tap on “Edit” in the confirmation banner that appears at the bottom of the browser window.
  4. For the bookmark location select a Speed Dial folder.
  5. Finish by tapping on “Done” in the top right corner.
Speed Dial in Vivaldi on Android.

Tip #458

Drag one Speed Dial bookmark over another to create a new folder.

If you’ve accumulated too many bookmarks on your Speed Dial and want to group them into folders, all you need to do is drag one of the bookmarks, and when the background of the bottom bookmark changes color release the mouse button.

Once the new folder has been created, right-click on the folder to rename it and, if you wish, add a custom thumbnail (see Tip #69).

One Speed Dial bookmark being dragged over another.

Tip #439

Choose whether to focus on the Address Bar or the Speed Dial in a new tab in Vivaldi on Android.

When you open a new tab, do you usually start typing a website link or a search term in the Address Field, or do you open one of your favorite Speed Dial bookmarks? Vivaldi on Android allows you to choose your preferred option and, depending on your choice, either opens the keyboard, so you can start typing immediately, or keeps it closed so you can view the Speed Dials.

To review your choice:

  1. Go to Settings > Tabs > Focus Address Bar on New Tab.
  2. Toggle the setting off, if you prefer to see the Speed Dials or leave it enabled, for the keyboard to pop up.
Settings in Vivaldi on Android, highlighting "Focus Address Bar on New Tab:.

Tip #383

Choose from 4 Speed Dial layout options for Vivaldi on iOS.

Speed Dials are Bookmarks that are displayed on your browser’s Start Page. In Vivaldi, you can choose how they’re displayed.

To change the look in Vivaldi on iOS:

  1. Go to  Vivaldi menu > Settings > Start Page Layout.
  2. Select your preferred layout:
    • Large Speed Dials,
    • Medium Speed Dials
    • Small Speed Dials,
    • Speed Dial list.

Got an Android device? Check Tip #157.

Tip #307

Update Speed Dial thumbnails with one click.

If the Speed Dial thumbnail is missing or you don’t like the current one, you can update it with a new screenshot of the web page. If you prefer to choose an image for the thumbnail, follow our directions in Tip #69.

To quickly update Speed Dial thumbnails:

  1. Hover over one of the Speed Dials.
  2. Click on “Update thumbnail” in the top left corner of the Speed Dial.
Vivaldi Browser's Start Page with a Speed Dial that has no thumbnail being updated.

Tip #214

Sort Speed Dials in Vivaldi on Android automatically instead of manually moving them around.

When you have manual sorting enabled in Vivaldi on Android you can long-press on a Speed Dial and drag it to a different location on the Start Page. If you want to organize Speed Dials faster, opt for one of the available sorting options.

To sort Speed Dial bookmarks:

  1. Open the Start Page with your Speed Dials.
  2. In the top right corner, tap on the sort button.
  3. Select the criteria according to which you want to sort.
    • Manual
    • By Title
    • By Address
    • By Nickname
    • By Description
    • By Date
Vivaldi on Android's Start Page with Speed Dials. Sort menu has been opened and is highlighted.

Tip #157

Choose from 4 Speed Dial layout options for Vivaldi on Android.

Speed Dials are Bookmarks that are displayed on your browser’s Start Page. You can choose how they’re displayed.

To change the look on Android:

  1. Go to Vivaldi menu > Settings > Appearance > Start Page.
  2. Select your preferred layout:
    • Large Speed Dials,
    • Medium Speed Dials
    • Small Speed Dials,
    • Speed Dial list.

Tip #101

Access multiple bookmark folders from the Start Page by creating additional Speed Dials.

Speed Dial is where you can access your frequently visited bookmarks. But instead of cramming your favorite bookmarks into one Speed Dial, you can divide them into multiple folders and display these folders as separate Speed Dials.

To add a new Speed Dial:

  1. Go to the Start Page.
  2. On the Start Page navigation menu, click on Add new Speed Dial folder.
  3. Give the new Speed Dial a name.
  4. Use the Bookmark Panel or Bookmark Manager to move existing bookmarks to the folder and select the folder when adding new bookmarks.
Vivaldi Start Page with "Add new Speed Dial folder" button zoomed in on.

To display an existing bookmark folder as a Speed Dial:

  1. Go to the Bookmark Panel or Bookmark Manager.
  2. Select the folder you want to access on the Start Page.
  3. In the bookmark folder information section, tick the box for Speed Dial.
    Alternatively, right-click on the folder and select Use as Speed Dial.

Tip #89

Customize Speed Dials from Quick Settings.

You can always customize your Start Page and Speed Dials from the main Settings page. To see the changes, though, you have to go back and forth between Settings and the Start Page. An alternative is to make the changes in the Quick Settings panel on the Start Page itself. That way you can see the changes immediately.

To customize the Speed Dial via Quick Settings:

  1. Open the Start Page.
  2. Open Quick Settings from the top right corner of the page.
  3. Go to the Speed Dial Appearance section.
  4. There you can:
    • Adjust the thumbnail size.
    • Set the maximum number of speed dial columns that can be displayed.
    • Choose whether to display the titles of the speed dials.
    • Toggle off and on Add and Delete buttons.

Tip #69

Curate your Start Page with custom Speed Dial thumbnails.

Start Page is likely one of the most visited pages in your browser. So, it makes sense to put in some effort to make it look great.

One way to customize the Start Page is to select custom thumbnail images for each of your Speed Dial bookmarks. To add a custom thumbnail:

  1. Open your Start Page.
  2. Hover over one of the Speed Dials.
  3. Click on Select Custom Thumbnail in the top left corner.
    Alternatively, right-click on the Speed Dial and choose Select Custom Thumbnail from the context menu.
  4. Locate the file in your File Manage/Finder and click Open.

The recommended image size is 440×360px and most image formats are supported, including animated GIFs.