Tip #24

Long click on History Back and Forward buttons to view and open recently visited pages.

Instead of clicking the Back/Forward button multiple times to return to a recently visited page, you can open a list of visited pages and open the one you need directly.

Here’s how:

  1. Long click or right-click on the Back/Forward button on the Address Bar.
  2. In the list of entries, click on the page you want to return to.
Vivaldi with History list open.

It also works on Android! 🥳 Just tap and hold your finger on the Back/Forward button until a list with your recently visited pages opens.

Bonus tip!

On desktop, when you right-click on the list entry or hold down the Ctrl/⌘ key while clicking, the page will open in a new tab.

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  1. Related to this, I particularly like the Fast Rewind button, which takes me back quickly to the beginning of my navigation on that particular website,