Tip #23

Use Sync to access tabs that are open in Vivaldi on your other devices.

With the Sync feature you can synchronize your browser data across Vivaldi on multiple devices (computers, phones, tablets and even with some cars). In addition to Bookmarks, Notes and other data, you can also sync your open Tabs.

To sync Tabs:

  1. Log in to your Vivaldi account in Settings > Sync on all devices you want to keep in sync.
  2. Enable either syncing of all data or at the very least syncing of History (typed URLs and open tabs).
  3. When you want to view the tab you have open on another device, click on the Synced tabs button on the far side of the Tab Bar, select the synced device and click on the web page you want to open.
    On Android, open the Tab Switcher and navigate to Synced tabs from the menu at the bottom of the window. Then, tap on the web page you want to open.
Synced tabs menu open on desktop version of Vivaldi.