Tip #223

Use Vivaldi Feeds to listen and keep track of your favorite podcasts.

Not only can you curate your own news feed and follow your favorite YouTube channels with Vivaldi Feeds, you can also turn it into a podcast player.

To listen to podcasts in Vivaldi:

  1. Subscribe to the podcast with Vivaldi Feeds by going to the podcast’s website and clicking on the Page offers Feeds button on the right side of the Address Field.
  2. Using the Feeds Panel, find an episode you want to listen to.
  3. Double-click on the episode title in the list of feed items to open it in a new tab. That way you can keep browsing other feed posts and use Vivaldi Mail while listening to the podcast.
  4. Press Play on the audio player in the Linked Audio section of the feed message.

This tip has been inspired by our community member and volunteer luetage‘s post on the Vivaldi Forum.