Tip #40

Subscribe to YouTube channels and playlists with Vivaldi Feeds.

With Vivaldi, there’s no need to check YouTube or even a need for a Google account to keep up with the latest videos from your favorite content creators. Just add the YouTube channels and playlists to Vivaldi Feeds to be notified about new content and to watch the videos directly in the browser. Without any ads or tracking! 🥳

To subscribe to a channel or a playlist:

  1. Go to the channel’s or playlist’s page.
  2. Look for the Page offers feeds button on the right side of the Address Bar.
  3. Click on the button, hover over the feed title and click on Subscribe.

These instructions don’t just apply to YouTube channels. You can add any website that offers feeds to Vivaldi this way.

Learn more about Feeds on our Help page and from this video.

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  1. Note that as as this posting, the RSS feed icon will only show on the “old” style channel url, not the new “handle” url using @ – like @VivaldiBrowser etc. This is a bug and might be fixed at some point.