Tip #412

Selectively open Tabs from Saved Sessions.

Saving all your tabs as a session is a great way to return to what you were doing at a later date. But what if you need just one or a few of the tabs in the session and don’t want to restore all of them? Check out the instructions below.

To selectively open Tabs from a Saved Session:

  1. Open the Sessions Panel.
  2. Select the session that has the tab(s) you want to open.
  3. Click on “Edit Session” in the top right corner of the panel or right-click on the session and select “Edit / View Contents”.
  4. Select the tab(s) you want to open and right-click on it/them.
  5. Select “Open” or “Open Link”, followed by the opening location (e.g. New Background Tab), to open just the chosen one(s).