Tip #200

Follow Tips on Vivaldi Social in just two steps.

Do you find our daily tip posts useful, but don’t use Feeds and don’t have time to check Vivaldi.net every day? There is another option – follow the blog account on Vivaldi Social.

To include Vivaldi Tips on your Home feed:

  1. Search for the blog in Vivaldi Social by entering the following user handle in the search field – @tips .
  2. Click on Follow next to the name in search results.
Vivaldi Social open in Vivaldi browser. Search result for Vivaldi Tips including the Follow button has been highlighted.

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  1. Can I suggest leaving a space between the link address and the full stop at the end of the sentence. People who try to quickly highlight and paste the link will be disappointed, as I was ubtil i worked out why it couldn’t find it on vivaldi.social