Tip #526

Open links in Vivaldi on iOS without interrupting your current browsing session.

Notice something interesting while browsing or remember something you need to get on next, but want to finish checking out the current web page first? Opening links in new background tabs is just what you need.

To open links in the background:

  1. Long-press on a link on a website, a bookmark / Speed Dial, a Reading List item, or a History entry.
  2. From the context menu select “Open in New Background Tab”
Bookmark context menu highlighting the option to open it in a new background tab in Vivaldi on iOS.

Tip #460

Download web pages for offline viewing in Vivaldi on Android.

Heading somewhere with no internet connection, but plenty of time to read? Download the web pages you want to check out while offline to your phone or tablet with Vivaldi on Android.

To download a page:

  1. Open the page in a tab.
  2. Go to the Vivaldi menu and select “Download”.

Alternatively, long-press on a link on a page and select “Download link”.

You’ll find the page in your downloaded files, or better yet, before or after downloading the page, add it to the Reading List for easy access.

Vivaldi menu open in Vivaldi browser on Android with the Download button highlighted.

Tip #441

Back up your Reading List locally by exporting it to a file.

You can export your Reading List as a CSV file from Vivaldi to back up, transfer, or share the articles and pages you’ve saved. The file includes the page link, title, read status, and last interaction time of each saved page.

To export your Reading List:

  1. Go to the Vivaldi menu > File > Export > Export Reading List.
  2. Choose the destination folder.
  3. Click “Save”.
Menu path for exporting the Reading list from the Vivaldi Browser.

Tip #250

Sync your Reading List to read interesting articles from any device at any time.

Rather than reading something on your PC while sitting behind a desk, you might want to read it on the phone during your daily commute or from a tablet with your morning coffee. By saving web pages to the Reading List and syncing the list with Vivaldi on your other devices, you can pick up or continue reading wherever you are.

You can learn how to add a page to the Reading List on desktop and Android from Tip #161. To make sure the lists are in sync:

  1. Go to Settings > Sync.
  2. Log in to your Vivaldi account.
  3. Sync either all data or enable the syncing of Reading Lists.

Do the same on all your devices and you’re all set.

Sync settings open with Reading List in "Sync Selected Data" section highlighted.

Tip #161

Save web pages for later by adding them to the Reading List.

Vivaldi’s Reading List feature lets you save web pages with, for example, interesting articles in a list you can access from your browser on desktop and Android. Using the Reading List prevents endless tabs from accumulating on your Tab Bar and Bookmarks from being filled with entries you only need once.

To add a page to the Reading List on desktop:

  1. Open the Reading List Panel or popup.
  2. Click on Add Current Page.

To add a page to the Reading List on Android:

  1. Go to the Vivaldi menu > Reading List.
  2. Tap on Add Current Page.
Vivaldi Browser on desktop with the Reading List panel and popup highlighted.
Reading List panel and popup on Vivaldi Browser on desktop.