Tip #321

See where you are on a long web page by enabling Page Minimap.

Just like in many code editors, the same way in Vivaldi, you can display a minimap on the right side of the browser window that gives you an overview of the web page and shows which part of it you’re currently focusing on.

By clicking the minimap or dragging the shaded area (your current location on the page), you can easily jump to a different spot on the page.

To enable the minimap:

  1. Click on Page Actions on the Status Bar.
  2. Enable “Page Minimap”.
Page Actions menu open with Page Minimap enabled. Minimap can be seen in the background on the right side of the browser window.

Tip #215

See the outlines of all web page’s CSS elements with CSS Debugger Page Action.

Are you using Vivaldi to work on your own website or just want to investigate how a page has been built? Then Vivaldi’s CSS Debugger Page Action will help you out. When enabled, you’ll see the outlines of each CSS element on the page. No extensions or additional tools needed.

Use one of the following options to enable the CSS Debugger:

  • Click on the Page Actions button on the Status Bar and select CSS Debugger.
  • Type “CSS Debugger” in Quick Commands.
  • Create a Keyboard Shortcut or Mouse Gesture for the command.
A website open in Vivaldi with CSS Debugger Page Action enabled. Page Actions menu is open on the foreground.