Tip #63

Drag text and links instead of copy-pasting.

Instead of the multi-click copy > locate and focus on destination > paste action you can just drag the highlighted text to the relevant location. Highlighting can be skipped for links.

Places you can drag text to:

  • Address and Search fields on the Address Bar to start a new search (press Enter to execute the search).
  • New Tab button on the Tab Bar to automatically search with the default Search Engine.
  • Notes Panel button to create a new note.
  • Text fields in the same or different tab* and panels.
  • To all of the above in other windows and even applications (both need to be simultaneously visible on your screen).

In addition to the above, you can drag links also to:

  • A tab on the Tab Bar to go to the link in that tab.
  • Add Web Panel button to add the website as a new Web Panel.
  • Bookmarks Bar to create a new bookmark.

In case links can easily be dragged up or down, but not left or right, try disabling Allow Text Selection in Links in Settings > Webpages and reload the page.

*To drag text or links to a different tab:

  1. Highlight the text and start dragging it.
  2. Hover the mouse over the destination tab and wait for the tab to switch.
  3. Drag the text/link to it’s destination in the new tab.