Tip #346

Search copied text in a new tab with a single shortcut.

Combining actions often used one after another into a single Command Chain can help you streamline your browsing. One of the many Command Chains you can create is searching for text you have copied to the clipboard in a new tab. That way you can skip opening a new tab, focusing on the address field, pasting your search term in it, and executing the search. It’s all done with the use of a single shortcut or click of a button.

To create the Command Chain:

  1. Go to Settings > Quick Commands > Command Chains.
  2. Click on “Add Command Chain” below the list of existing chains.
  3. Give the new chain a name
  4. Add the following commands:
    1. New Tab,
    2. Delay (with the parameter value, for example, 100),
    3. Focus Address Field,
    4. Paste and Go.
  5. Go to Settings > Keyboard and/or Settings > Mouse, look for the new chain in the list of commands, and create a shortcut for it.
    In addition, you can open the Toolbar Editor and add the new chain as a button on one of the browser toolbars.
Command Chain settings

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    1. In Vivaldi Settings ⇾ Address Panel ⇾ You can choose “Open address in a new tab” by pressing Alt+Enter or Shift+Enter. So it works with address or search. It keeps the tab as it was and do what you enter in address field in new tab.

  1. I added the command “Copy text” to the top of the suggest command chain. Then all I have to do is select the text (using the mouse) followed by executing the command chain.
    This saves a step of having to manually copy the text before executing the command chain.

  2. Hmmm… but…
    There`s special option – to assign keyboard shortcut to “search selected text” and it will be in a new tab…
    Why to create Command Chain for that?