Tip #323

Use search filters in Quick Commands to find exactly what you’re looking for.

You can narrow down your search in Quick Commands by entering a search filter in front of your search term. Here’s how:

  1. Open Quick Commands  (F2 / ⌘ E).
  2. Type in the search filter:
    • Bookmarks – bookmark:
    • Notes – note:
    • Open and Closed Tabs – tab:
    • Browsing History – history:
    • Commands – command:
    • Page Actions – action:
    • Workspaces – workspace:
  3. Enter the search keyword(s).
  4. Use your keyboard’s arrow keys + Enter or click on the result you want.

For example, the search filter “history: Vivaldi” will search the term “Vivaldi” in History. The search filter “note: cake” will search your Notes for the word “cake.”

It’s also possible to use shorter keywords like bkm: (bookmark), tb: (tab), cmd: (command) and other alternative search terms derived using regular expression.

Quick Commands open in Vivaldi Browser. Search term "History: design" typed in and showing relevant results.