Tip #258

Divide open tabs into Workspaces to keep your workflow organized and uninterrupted.

Tab Stacks are a great way to group tabs by domain or topic, but Workspaces take it to another level. With Workspaces you’ll only see the tabs in the current Workspace, allowing you to focus on one thing at the time.

To create a new workspace:

  1. Click the Workspaces button on the left side of the Tab Bar (top of the list on vertical Tab Bars).
  2. Click on New Workspace.
  3. Enter a name and select an icon for the new workspace.
  4. Click Create or press Enter.

From the Workspaces menu (or using Shortcuts) you can quickly switch between the Workspaces you’ve created.

Vivaldi browser with Workspaces menu open and highlighted. Listing the main window, 4 workspaces and a button to create a new Workspace.

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