Tip #254

Light up your surroundings in Vivaldi Theme colors with Philips Hue.

Do you use Philips Hue lights at home? Did you know that you can connect them to Vivaldi and have the lights change colors together with Vivaldi Themes?

To connect Philips Hue with Vivaldi:

  1. First, make sure your Hue lights are connected to the same network as the browser.
  2. Then, go to Settings > Themes > Philips Hue Theme Integration and tick the box for Enable Hue.
  3. Once enabled, click on Find bridge and click the button on your Bridge to confirm the connection.

The lights will be in the theme’s accent color. The color show will be more noticeable, if you have Accent Color from Active Page or Theme Scheduling with frequent switches enabled.

Don’t have Philips Hue lights, but do use Razer Chroma devices? Check Tip #183, to see how to link Razer Chroma and Vivaldi.