Tip #209

Automatically translate web pages in selected languages in Vivaldi on Android.

Language barriers in Vivaldi on Android can be easily conquered with Vivaldi Translate. If you regularly visit web pages in languages you haven’t mastered, you can set Vivaldi to automatically translate the content in these languages to your preferred one.
To choose which languages should be translated automatically:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Language Settings.
  2. Tap on Advanced in the Translation settings section and then on Automatically translate these languages.
  3. To add a new language, tap on Add language.
  4. Find the language on the list and tap on it.

To set the translation language:

  1. In advanced translation settings, tap on Translate into this language.
  2. Find the language on the list and tap on it.

Then, whenever you visit a page in the chosen language, it will automatically be translated. At the bottom of the screen you’ll get a menu to switch between the original language and translation and update the translation settings for the current website and language.