Tip #19

Enable “Remove cookie warnings” in Tracker and Ad Blocker settings to hide websites’ cookie dialogs.

Since Europe’s GDPR and a few other user privacy laws don’t allow placing Cookies in your browser without consent, on your first visit, most websites ask for your permission as soon as the page has loaded. Accepting all cookies will allow the website and third parties to collect information on you and use the data in an attempt to influence your decisions later on. Until there’s better legislation, we recommend rejecting these cookies. But, depending on the website, rejecting all cookies can take minutes, slowing down your browsing significantly.

That’s why we’ve added a way to remove these cookie dialogs in the browser. To enable it:

  1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Tracker and Ad Blocking > Blocking Level.
  2. Enable Block Trackers and Ads.
  3. Then, click Manage Sources.
  4. In the list of Ad Blocking sources, look for “Remove cookie warnings (EasyList Cookie List)” and “Remove cookie warnings (I don’t care about cookies)” and enable them.

Enabling these lists will simply block the service that asks for consent, or hide the consent dialog, in the same way as it might remove a tracker or an ad. Without consent cookies cannot be placed in the browser.

We at Vivaldi believe that spying on users on the Internet using cookies and other tracking methods should be banned. To join our fight, check out https://banspying.org and share it with your friends.