Tip #486

Boost Vivaldi’s performance by enabling the Memory Saver.

Reduce memory usage by automatically hibernating tabs that haven’t been used in a while. This way, active tabs, such as those used for gaming or streaming, can run more smoothly.

To enable the Memory Saver:

  1. Go to Settings > Tabs > Memory Saver.
  2. Select your preferred option:
    • Disabled
    • Automatic (recommended)
    • After 1 Hour Idle
    • After 2 Hours Idle
    • After 3 Hours Idle
    • After 6 Hours Idle

Tip #207

Check the browser’s Task Manager to see how the resources being used are divided among processes.

Have you ever checked your operating system’s Task Manager and wished to get a more detailed overview of the memory use of one app or another? Luckily, in Vivaldi you can do just that.

To open Vivaldi’s own Task Manager, go to Tools > Task Manager in the main Vivaldi menu or use the Keyboard Shortcut Shift + Esc. There you can see the memory footprint, CPU usage and more for each tab, Web Panel, Extension, etc. and spot the culprit if the resource usage is abnormally high.

Vivaldi Browser's Task manager window.