Tip #334

Press Space to scroll down a page and fast forward to the next one.

Whenever you’re browsing through content that’s been divided into pages (search results, online store catalog, etc.) you’ll likely do a lot of scrolling and looking for the “next page” button. In Vivaldi, you can do all of it with a single keyboard key.

By pressing Space, the page will be scrolled down a screen height at a time. Once you reach the end of the page, pressing Space will load the next page.

Check out the video below to see it in action.

Tip #99

Copy links from the Address Field without additional parameters.

Sometimes web page links have additional information, called parameters, added to the end of the URL. These parameters are used for sorting and filtering, pagination, language options and more. But parameters can also be used for tracking users.

Example URL from Vivaldi Forum with multiple search parameters: 


The same URL without parameters: 


Another example with tracking parameters:


With the link above, the website knows that I arrived on their page after clicking an ad on YouTube.

The same URL without parameters looks like this:


While search, filtering and other similar parameters are mostly useful, tracking parameters do not benefit users. So, even if you have navigated to page from a link that has parameters at the end, consider removing them before saving the link for future use or before sharing it further.

To copy a link that you have open in the active tab without parameters:

  1. Right-click on the Address Field.
  2. Select Copy without parameters.

Tip #11

On the left side of the Address Field, click on 🔍 to search for the entered word/phrase or to go to the entered URL.

Most of us probably just press Enter on our keyboards when we’re ready to do a search or open a website, but did you know there’s a button in the user interface you can click instead?

The Site Info button turns into a Go to Address button on the Start Page or when you’ve entered something in the Address Field. Just click on the magnifying glass, when you’re ready to see the search results or load the web page.

In case you’ve used a search engine nickname before your search term, you’ll see the chosen search engine’s logo instead. You can click that one too.