Tip #472

Import contacts from vCard and CSV files to Vivaldi Webmail.

Bring your address book over to your Vivaldi account and add new contacts any time from the Contacts page in Vivaldi Webmail and send emails in a breeze.

To import contacts to Vivaldi Webmail:

  1. Open the Contacts page in Vivaldi Webmail.
  2. Click on Import on the menu above the contact view.
  3. In the importer window, choose your contacts file.
  4. Select the contact group to add the new contacts to.
  5. Click Import.
Import contacts window open in Vivaldi Webmail.

Tip #232

Add multiple contacts at once when composing messages in Vivaldi Webmail.

When you’re composing a new email in Vivaldi Webmail, you can start typing each recipient’s email and rely on auto-complete suggestions or you can view a list of your Contacts and select the recipients.

To add multiple contacts at once:

  1. In the message composer, click on Add Contact on the right side of the “To” field.
  2. Click on Select at the bottom of the contacts window to select multiple contacts.
  3. Tick the boxes in front of each contact you want to add as a recipient.
  4. When you’ve made your choice, click on Insert.
Contact selection pop up window open in Vivaldi Webmail.

Tip #52

Right-click on a contact in the Contacts Panel and select View All Messages to see all emails they’ve sent.

Contacts Panel has all contacts that you have sent emails to or who have emailed you. To see a list of all messages a saved contact has sent you:

  1. Right-click on their name/email in the Contacts Panel.
  2. Select View All Messages.

Mail tab with their email messages will open.

If you already have the Mail tab open and have found one email from the contact, select it and press E on your keyboard to see all their other emails.