Tip #76

Right-click on the Bookmark Bar to manage the bookmarks on it.

Clicking on a bookmark, bookmark folder or empty space on the Bookmark Bar with the right mouse button will open a menu with various useful options.

Depending on where you click, the menu options you see may include the following:

  • Where to open the bookmarked link. For example, in a new tab or a window.
  • Option to add the active tab as a new bookmark on the Bookmark Bar.
  • Manually create a new bookmark, bookmark folder or a separator for segmenting the Bookmark Bar.
  • Edit the bookmark or bookmark folder.
  • Cut (to move a bookmark), Copy (to make a copy of the bookmark or copy the link) and Paste (to move a bookmark or create a new bookmark from a copied link).
  • Delete the bookmark or bookmark folder.
  • Sort the bookmarks (only available, when clicking on an empty area of the Bookmark Bar).