Tip #524

Give your Bookmarks on mobile nicknames to open them faster.

In Vivaldi on Android and Vivaldi on iOS, instead of scrolling through folders in the Bookmarks Panel, opening a new tab to get to the Speed Dial, or trying to remember the bookmarked page’s link, you can give your Bookmarks memorable nicknames and type them in the Address Bar to quickly open the web page.

To give a bookmark a nickname:

  1. Open the Side Panel.
  2. Switch to Bookmarks Panel, if it’s not already open.
  3. Open the folder containing the bookmark you want to give a nickname.
  4. Long press the bookmark.
  5. Choose edit (pen icon).
  6. Add a nickname and save.

Bookmark Nicknames are synced, so you only need to do it once to use the same nickname on all platforms.

To learn how to add Bookmark Nicknames on desktop, check out Tip #28.

An arrow pointing at the Bookmark Nickname in Vivaldi on Android's Address Bar drop-down menu.