Tip #521

Close all inactive tabs in Vivaldi on iOS with one tap.

You know you have a lot of open tabs in Vivaldi on iOS, when instead of a number on the Tab Switcher button you see :D. To keep the number of open tabs manageable, clear the unused ones regularly.

To close all inactive tabs:

  1. Open the Tab Switcher.
  2. Find and open the Inactive Tabs folder above all your active tabs.
  3. Tap on “Close All Inactive” at the bottom of the page.

By default, a tab will be set to inactive if you haven’t used it in the last 21 days, but you can select the interval for when a tab should be moved to Inactive from Settings > Tabs > Inactive Tabs.

Inactive Tabs list in Vivaldi on iOS with an arrow pointing at the button to close all inactive tabs.