Tip #519

Make a smooth transition to Vivaldi by importing your favorite Extensions from other Chromium-based browsers.

To make your move from your old browser to Vivaldi smoother, you can import important data such as Bookmarks, Passwords, History, and, the latest addition, Extensions with just a few clicks.

To import Extensions:

  1. Make sure the browser you want to export from is closed.
  2. In Vivaldi, go to the Vivaldi menu > File > Import from Applications or Files.
  3. Select the Chromium-based browser.
  4. Click “Start Import”.
  5. When the import has finished, click “Close”
  6. On the Extensions management page that opens, enable the extensions you want to use in Vivaldi by clicking the toggle button at the bottom right corner of each extension card.
Import dialog open in the Vivaldi browser with an arrow pointing to Extensions.