Tip #145

Close tabs with a double-click or middle mouse button click on the tab.

There are more ways to close tabs in Vivaldi than can be counted on one hand. In this tip post we’ll introduce you to two lesser known options.

Option 1 is to double-click on the tab with the left mouse button. It works best when you want to close the active tab, but can be used to close background tabs as well. To use this option, first go to Settings > Tabs > Tab Handling and enable Close Tab on Double Click.

Option 2 is to click on the tab with the middle mouse button (commonly mouse’s scroll wheel). It works in the Window Panel as well.

To see other ways to close tabs in Vivaldi, visit the Help page about Opening and closing Tabs.

First two tabs are closed with a double-click. Last two tabs are closed with a middle mouse button click.

In case you got carried away with closing tabs, check Tip #95 to see how to reopen recently closed tabs.